let's amaze
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let's amaze
your customers

Production and Shipping


General questions

What is Interactive Paper?

Interactive Paper is a new and innovative way to communicate with your clients or customers. With just one touch of the paper your content appears on the user's smartphone. It combines all the benefits of the digital and analog world. With our product you can convey your message in an interactive and fascinating way.

How can I use it?

Interactive Paper can help you gain new customers or reach out and stay in touch with existing ones, in the most fascinating and capturing way there is.

What are the benefits of using Interactive Paper?

In comparison to online or traditional print advertising, the Interactive Paper boasts extremely high use rates and user duration. Users are fascinated by the technology and ease of use. Additionally we offer interactive web tools and a complete data report after the campaign.

What are the costs?

To make you an appropriate offer we need to know what amount you are interested in. You can contact us for an offer or you can generate one here: https://interactivepaper.com/en/offer.html

What does a collaboration with you look like?

How do I get started?

First, you need to define the goal you want to achieve with your Interactive Papers. Our team will help you to maximize the outcome of your Interactive Paper campaign.

What’s included in your services?

Not only do we provide the Interactive Papers, but we also offer support throughout the whole process of your campaign. Included in our services are the Interactive Papers including printing, the “Data Report” (data and results of your campaign), the Web Tools (templates for creating the digital content) as well as shipping to your address.
You can find more detailed information about our service here: https://interactivepaper.com/en/offer.html

Who creates the design of the Interactive Papers?

The design can be created by your design team in-house or by us. 

Who creates the digital content?

If you already have your own content, we can embed it in your Interactive Paper or if wanted, we can help you with the creation of the web content by using our “Web Tools”. This is included in our offer.

What are the “Web tools”?

The "Interactive Web Tools" are templates that enable easy and intuitive creation of web content for the Interactive Paper. You can make use of these tools without additional charges.
Here you can find two examples of our web tools:
Quiz: https://interactivepaper.com/c/ey/g/quiz/
Product/Service-Matching: https://interactivepaper.com/c/stru/a/2/

Is it possible to track the data?

Yes! In comparison to traditional print advertising we offer you a full-fledged "Data Report" after the campaign.

What is the “Data Report”?

With the “Data Report” you can get the most interesting usage data about your Interactive Papers. Every campaign delivers insights and learnings about your customers. These are tracked via the Interactive Paper and recorded in your Data Report. It is an excellent way to learn more about your customers. 

What formats does the Interactive Paper come in?

The Interactive Paper can be printed in 148 x 210 mm. Through usability testing we have found that these formats allow the optimal user experience.


How does it work?  

The paper sends information to the phone via the use of NFC technology. Pressing the buttons on the paper opens the content on the phone. 

Does it work with every type of phone? And do users need to download an app?

The Interactive Paper works with almost all smartphones currently on the market.
Android phones have the NFC function activated by default. Most Android phones have NFC functionality. 
iPhone XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro, SE and all the future models work automatically. For iPhone 7 through X, users need to manage the NFC function manually.

How many buttons can I put on the Interactive Paper?

Through hundreds of usability tests we found the optimal touchpoint position and found the optimal number of buttons to be three. We have a concept for the position and number of buttons and have found that three buttons allow us to tell your story in the most effective and gripping way, leading to the highest conversion rates. 

Printing and material

Who covers the printing?

Printing is covered by us.

Are both sides of the paper printed?

Yes, both sides of the paper are printed.

What’s the thickness/ grammage of the paper?

The grammage is 320 g/sm.

What are the finishing options?

For the finishing a gloss or a matt varnish is possible. 

Production and shipping

What is the production time?

Our production takes about 4 to 5 weeks including international shipping.

What about the shipping cost?

Shipping costs are included in the offer.

Is it possible to get a sample?

Yes, that is possible. Please provide the correct address for the sample.


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