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Convince doctors, pharmacies and hospitals

Proven through a variety of use cases.

Turn your product launch into a success

Send out Interactive Papers to inform your audience about your new product in an exciting way. Make the experience even more unforgettable by sending the papers inside a premium box, which can contain samples of your product and further information.

Educate healthcare professionals about your research

Combine the power of Interactive Paper with our easy-to-build web tools to communicate your latest advancements to your audience in an engaging manner through quizzes and interactive menus.

Showcase how your medicine works in the human body

Use our Interactive Paper 3D to provide Exciting Augmented reality experiences that can visually display how your product works better than words.

Deliver an unforgettable experience at congresses and events

Use our augmented reality technology to stand out at congresses and have multiple people experiencing your interactive content simultaneously. Alternatively, you can also use our Interactive Paper stands to provide your audience with the original Interactive Paper experience at your events. 

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Healthcare marketing made interactive

Amaze and convince

healthcare professionals

Trusted by leading healthcare companies
The Interactive Paper acts as an icebreaker for our target group. Not only for the first contact, but also for following up. 
All in all, Interactive Paper is undeniably a very valuable component of the sales funnel.

Tatjana Byczek

Senior Marketing Manager, seca

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282 campaigns

were lead to success with Interactive Paper.

112.000 users

were already reached with Interactive Paper.

208 Mill.

in advertising value got created by using Interactive Paper.

Time is health. How Pfizer succeeds in pharmaceutical marketing.

Building stronger relationships with potential clients after a congress.

Interactive Paper supports BD in creating a hospital of the future.

Ever seen that much


Converts 10x better than

traditional print

World-class engagement rate

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You can use our own content creation tools.

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Through our data report.

This will provide you with transparent, comprehensive learnings to keep improving your campaigns. 

Start your own campaign with Interactive Paper

No tons of paper. No thick brochures. Instead, just a single Interactive Paper. More information, but better communicated! Instead of wading through pages and pages of text as a healthcare professional, you get the exact information you need interactively. Interactive Paper provides an exciting change from conventional promotional materials. It offers you the opportunity to convince healthcare professionals with interactive pharmaceutical marketing which is informative, playful, and target-oriented.